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RCHAIDA LIMITED is a Company specialises on High Quality Luxury Hair in the Market & Branded Skin Care Products. All our Skincare Products formulated to treat Hyper Pigmentation, Dark Marks and Uneven Skin tone, features No Hydroquinone, No Mercury, No Steroids & No Parabens. We have been supplying MPremium Quality Skin Care treatments and Luxury Hair Extensions for over 5 years and are proud to have provided the ideal solutions for many of our satisfied customers.

RCHAIDA branded Skin Care products development methodology follows a strict research and trial and error based process. We understand our clients want something of value, something that delivers positive results and therefore commit a vastly experienced team to conduct extensive research and development and also guarantee the safety, effectiveness, and premium quality of every product. Our ingredients are based on natural substances, extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients that have high nutrients, promising not just good results but also safe, risk-free use. We avoid products with too many filler ingredients, unnecessary additives, and harmful substances that lower the quality standards we look to maintain. To regain your skin's natural beauty and clearness, We are Bringing to you the best of pigment correction and skin treatment solutions.

RCHAIDA Luxury Hair are greatly popular with large customers. All Our hair is made of 100% human Virgin hair and the best quality virgin hair in the Market. All our hair are 100% human hair extensions, Can be curled, straightened, Washed and dyed

Are you searching for an affordable Virgin Hair?

If it is a Yes, look no forward.

With our 5 years experiences in hair industry. Our Virgin hairs are one of the most popular types of hair extensions in the market. Virgin Hair extensions are the best of all hair extensions, as we know it is not easy to find high quality Virgin hair , RCHAIDA is devoting to provide to our customers best hair extensions as well as best Customer Services. All our Virgin hair extensions are made from real human hair, and if you want to buy virgin hair extensions, RCHAIDA is the place to get your Satisfaction.


RCHAIDA's BODY SHAPER will Improve your posture, like the aids you need to keep your body upright. RCHAIDA's BODY SHAPER assist those who stand or sit for an extended periods of time, it keeps you from slouching , by helping you to relive tension and pain from your back bones.It can be worn underneath your everyday clothes as shapewear to enhance your body. Even if you exposed them, their are made as afashionable addition to your outfit especially in conjunction with your usual sportswear. When wearing RCHAIDA's Body Shaper, you must allow for your body to adapt and become comfortable to the compression of the Body Shapers. We recommend wearing the Body Shaper, when you first starting out for shorter periods of time of about 2 to 4 hours per day, in order to become better accustomed to the feeling. Eventually you will feel comfortable with progressively adding more hours to your Body Shaping program. The Body Shaper will have to be worn regularly at the begin for it to be use to the next set of clasps and zip in making the shape tighter. During the weight loss process, you will begin to see and feel the difference as the body shaper becomes more comfortable and less tight. Bear in mind that everyone’s body shapes are different and that the results are not always the same with everyone.

RCHAIDA is a reliable and trusted brand, chosen by Many, We are extended to reach internationally and we are providing worldwide shipments. For more information, please do get in touch with us.

Thank You

Chaida Ramon

RCHAIDA LIMITED (Home For Your Flawless Beauty)

Company No: 10302972

Address: Level 3, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH England

Phone: 00447507311536 (Mon - Sat : 9am - 8pm)